Hello world!

Hello world! As part of my path to share my creativity with the world, I have launched a new web site with the help of the Digital MainStreet program. The walls may be a bit bare, but if I don't tell anyone about this, then why did I bother?


This website currently includes work that I have previously showcased at Toronto's FanExpo and CalgaryExpo. Since the 2020 editions of those shows didn't happen, and 2021 isn't looking good either, this web site is place to start. More will be added in the coming weeks as I bring other bits online.


Let's make the world a beautiful place.


PS A hat tip to the good folks of Shopify (some of whom are friends of mine) for their hard work to make Shopify a smooth platform.

PPS Hello to this month's visitors: Iowa, Virginia, California, New York, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Ontario, British Columbia and England